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Genius is not so much about new ideas as it is about clarity of ideas. Two people can have the same idea yet it will be genius in the one and mediocrity in the other.

Kevin Solway



A letter

In a land so distant and so broken,

there was a man afraid to stand.

The fear of the unknown,

haunted him so.

so frail he was.

Oh how I know..

Oh how I know…

The stones of the passed,

elaborate the mind,

sing to the stars,

and open ones heart.

The struggle for survive,

the fear of the unknown.

Oh how I know

Oh how I know..

He wakes too early,

and simply wonders.

How much longer…

Oh how much longer.

A simple letter of truth,

flew in his direction.

From the east to the west,

it came flying straight at him.

The man opened with hope,

soon after followed with tears.

The failure that surrounded him,

so empty he was destined.

Oh how I know..

Oh how I know.. 


Creativity is an art,

colors are simply beautiful,

How can we live life,


The first moment of life,

Either happy nor sad,

Can set the mood,

For what can comes next.

For me it was love,

The scary first step,

The moment of butterflies,

The moment my heart was felt.

And every year after,

We celebrate it with care.

its because its true love,

we feel it so deep.

life without love,

Is no life at all.

You must feel it,

To live it,

With this I am sure.

So celebrate love like its the most important thing in your life,

Because if you lose it you will feel it,

The emptiness of happiness,

The sadness of the heart.

Beautiful places

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Beautiful places

What if there was a place,

a mysterious place,

In a distance,

not far away.

A magical place,

where colorful thoughts

come to play.

The place I speak of,

comes only in my thoughts.

The image of perfection

bombards me with love.

A place where I can be free,

where time doesnt exist,

when my thoughts makes sense,

and ideas come flowing.

This place is real,

it does find its way to me

from time to time,

I set myself free.

Where colors are so bright,

and music so real,

love exists here.

This fairy tale land.

Its disneyland for adults,

if that makes any sense,

its beyond magical,

flowing within.


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What is chance,

And how do we approach it?

How does it work,

And how can we control it?

Some call it luck,

while others simply don’t believe it.

The common phenomenon,

we see nearly every weekend.

Why does it happen,

to the limited few.

How does chance chose,

who to help,

and who to hurt?

If its truly chance,

and the odds are completely against us.

What if its more,

and we cant seem to believe.

With people struggling,

to eat and to survive,.

Can chance really be,

the answer for them?

What if it was God,

what if it was me?

Can a human creation,

possibly succeed?

Take the time to think about the events in ones life and those of his peers. How does one get everything and most tend to wish?

Comment away..

Days go by,

And nothing gets better.

The struggles of tommorow,

Brings emptiness today.

The path chosen,

brings sorrow to oneself.

Nothingness sourrands us,

Nothingness grows.

The road use to be so clear,

It lead to places.


The road not taken,

Seems to be the road to take.

The moment of truth has come,

And the time to shine is now.

Yet  no ones eager to move,

Where would they even go?

Financial depression cripples our youth,

The opportunities of the past,

Don’t exist for us now.