My puppy

Posted: April 3, 2012 in cookies
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My puppy

Deep in the jungles,

of nature and nurture,

a lion was born,

to a family of no future.

They wither and slithered,

just to survive.

In this cruel unjust world,

of mine.

He was shipped in a cradle,

due to things becoming tough.

For hopes of someone braver,

to give him a shot.

A confused young little boy,

with desperate eyes and real lies,

convinced his family of oversized,

to give him a try.

What they found out,

astonished the little feller,

such eyes of a champion,

the heart of a hero.

In the end,

a life is worth living,

with the ones u really feeling,

In a world full of squealing,

one should relax and consider breathing. 

  1. This is tender, lovely.

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