Days go by…

Posted: April 7, 2012 in cookies
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Days go by,

And nothing gets better.

The struggles of tommorow,

Brings emptiness today.

The path chosen,

brings sorrow to oneself.

Nothingness sourrands us,

Nothingness grows.

The road use to be so clear,

It lead to places.


The road not taken,

Seems to be the road to take.

The moment of truth has come,

And the time to shine is now.

Yet  no ones eager to move,

Where would they even go?

Financial depression cripples our youth,

The opportunities of the past,

Don’t exist for us now.

  1. I thought of two things when reading. One, splitting, as in BPD. The back and forth of emotions. And two, how far away we’ve gotten from the way we’re meant to live.

    This is a poem that makes you think.

    • Thats sorta what I been thinking about lately. Here in the Us its been a struggle for a while now and its a back and forth motion of survival. I can say one of my deepest thoughts.

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