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Why has computers,

and cellphones,

and mobile devices,

becoming such a hit?

Is it the struggle,

to be socially connected,

to be part of a solution,

rather then socially evicted?

To simply share,

a crazy wonder.

To express ones feelings,

of dirt and awkward somber”s

Lets develop a method,

a revolutionary connection,

ways that people,

have never thought out for.

Something more then just words,

a real sense of completion,

inner most feelings,

of beauty and acceptance.

Disconnect from your Phones and connect with people you love!


To study ones mind,

so crazy so kind,

to establish ones self,

so confusing so blind.

Thoughts are sporadic,

confused and forgotten,

depending on ones,

inner thoughts.

ideas are magic,

expressed for pure logic.

Colored and fought after.

To imagine a idea,

a simple invention.

To create a city,

of endless porportions.

What needs to occur,

for us to continue to work,

ideas ideas,

what drives us to work.


I would like to start off by addressing the simple fact that addictions are becoming more and more powerful each day.

Addiction can be positive or negative depending on the type of addiction one has. I would like to focus on negative addictions because they are more common in societies across the United States.

What is addiction? Addiction is simply an uncontrollable attractions to anything that has a profound effect on your life.

Addictions in most cases have a negative effect on the individual. Lets take video games for example. Kids that spend hour after hour in front of the television, thats what I am refering to as addiction. He rather play games then go outside and play with others. This in turn, will have significant problematic affects to his life as an adult.

Lets focus on another type of addiction, drugs. Drugs and alcohol are substances that already have addictive personalities of their own. This combined with an addictive personality, results in disasters among everyone in its path. I have seen families destroyed and children neglected because of addictions.

In order for someone to control addictions, one must address the fact that they have an addictive personality. The push and pull effect of drugs is stronger then the norm (whatever the normal is). After that, their are many facilities and clinics in the States that help deal with these issues.

To be addicted is not living, because you are not free to live your life the way you were intended to live.



Hello Everyone! I know i have not been around for a while, been working on another project. Today i woke up with a psychological epiphany. Specifically, the difficulty in finding your soul mate as my Girlfriend clearly states. What does it mean to find your soul mate?


Soul mates are one of those things that are near impossible to find. It comes to you at your life’s busiest moments and does not clearly present itself to you. Its one of those things that a person must pay attention to, if they want to survive. What do I mean about survival? If we go back to the basics and consider us just another animal species, we must survive and continue to reproduce for our species and genes to survive. If we fail to find our soul mates, or just another person thats willing to tolerate us and live with us, we are destine for doom. To contradict myself, not just a person to tolerate us, because if a child lives in a family of fighting, they will not develop normally and the gene would be that much harder to preserve.

Lets start off by addressing the different stages of your life. Not going to go too deep into it, but lets start from 18 years old. When you are 18 years old, you are innocent and unknowing. From a male perspective, we are confused looking for a girl to have sexual relations with. Most of the time we are not successful because the females see this as just a booty call. On the other hand, for the females, they are wildly searching for the prince to set them free. Through trial and error most individuals develop from this stage, and move on the stage 2.

Stage 2 usually starts off at age 21. This age can be considered the party, let loose and wild phase. This is when young adults are at the age to drink in the United States. So many do just that, experiment with their bodies and different people. This is the most important phase out of the four. This is when you are developed enough to find your mate, and yet inexperienced to really be picky. 21 – 24 is the best age to find yourself the ultimate “soul mate”. If the person fails to find someone to stand by themselves and grow with them, then they are simply doomed. Doomed phase starts at stage 3.

Stage 3 is where things start to get tricky. Man or a women, tends to start to get worried after 25 when they did not find someone thats serious and whats to be with them. For men its a few years later, but for the sake of argument, lets consider both men and women are equally developed at this point. These desperate indivduals, go out to many blind dates and look for people with all sorts of personalities, to find someone that might fit. Most of the time its very hard because 25- 28 you have gone through a good amount of people to realize whats good and whats not. This is the tricky stage because you either settle with someone just to settle and not be alone, or you are left alone for the rest of your life. Its difficult to find someone serious after 28 years old, especially after what you have known, experienced, and obviously observer ed.

Stage 4 is when the gloomy days start to occur. After not committing to something serious, you start to give up and keep the mind occupied with other things. Then opportunities come, and yet you are already unavailable emotionally to give in. Its like those “too good to be true deals”.

In conclusion,  once a person has left stage 2 it slowly gets harder and harder to find someone. If you fail to find someone the chances of a successful relationship gets smaller and smaller. If you cannot find someone to love you and care for you, the reproduction of your genes would develop in a cruel world with no love. Opportunities come and go, open your  eyes and see it and take it, because once it slips it wont ever come back. The fittest survive and find their mate, and the weaker ones fail.