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Posted: September 28, 2012 in cookies
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How do I tell you

that my heart is broken?

How do I do I show you,

the pain within?


The moment I found out,

The windows shattered,

The door swung open,

my heart started sinking.


The feeling of empty,

the feeingl of alone.


The shadows crept secretly,

distracting me and haunting me,

deepening the gape of distress.


Why cant I go back,

go back to the moment.

Where I could have said no,

I could have spoken?


Every time I see you,

The feeling follows.

Every time I sleep,

the nightmares overshadows.


The happy dreams

that I use to have

are replaced with nightmares

of you and this other guy.


What can I do,

but to simply accept.

Forgive is to forget,

the weekend of september 15th two thousand and twelve.



There was a time where I felt,

so alone and so scared.

There was a time in my life,

when it just didnt make sense.


To imagine your friends party,

with laughter and joy.

Only for you to think fear,

panic, and betrayal.


Why do I fear the outside,

so empty and alone.

Why does bad thoughts,

cloud my judgment and more.


I remember a time,

where I felt so free and happy.

No sense of anxiety and stress,

not even a little worry.


How can I regain,

the simply joys in my life.

To avoid the distractions,

and free my mind.

Image your life,

a journey through your passed.

All the people you have met,

the lives you have touched.


We take it for granted,

how much influence people may have.

The crazy family member,

the unreasonable boss.


But how can we manage,

societies curve balls.

The bumps on the road,

that keep me awake.


To understand what I mean,

you must choose the right shoe.

You wouldn’t know which is right,

till you journey through,

and wake up in a coffin,

one dark afternoon.


Chasing the sun,

early morning Saturday.

Chasing the sun,

for a little glimpse of freedom.


The limitless energy,

the bright orange glow,

astonishes the mind,

frees the soul.


Wild thoughts emerge,

energy fills the body.

To reach outside the box,

to reach for something greater.


Greatness was once a given,

The promise of greatness was written,

a glimpse in the future,

a glimpse of something greater.


Now I see, what I was destined to be,

a son of taxi driver,

a designer, an builder.


Follow your dreams,

let it take you to the ends of the world.

Because if you dont travel,

you will never know,

and life would just be you viewing the next big thing

at the department store.


What if i told you a story, 

A story of dreams and desires.

What if i told you a story, 

A story of great proportion.

There was a young boy, 

That grew up in the streets.

The streets full of despair

and misery alike. 

There was a bright light, 

a shimmery glow.

The desire to succeed, 

given to him only at birth. 

The boy grew up willing, 

To struggle and fight.

He believed in the good, 

with every breath he took. 

Today he is grown, 

and life is not willing.

The daily struggles of existence, 

seems to haunt him much more.

Somewhere in time, 

he forgot what it was, 

to be living and free, 

in the streets of Hollywood hills. 

In his final hours,

surrounded by family and friends. 

He cried out for the heavens, 

to take him away.

He remembered his childhood, 

In the streets, in such despair,

Thinking to himself how he could, 

simply live once again. 

With his final last breath,

He finally remembered, 

the glow of existence,

he remembered, and left.