Posted: September 28, 2012 in cookies
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How do I tell you

that my heart is broken?

How do I do I show you,

the pain within?


The moment I found out,

The windows shattered,

The door swung open,

my heart started sinking.


The feeling of empty,

the feeingl of alone.


The shadows crept secretly,

distracting me and haunting me,

deepening the gape of distress.


Why cant I go back,

go back to the moment.

Where I could have said no,

I could have spoken?


Every time I see you,

The feeling follows.

Every time I sleep,

the nightmares overshadows.


The happy dreams

that I use to have

are replaced with nightmares

of you and this other guy.


What can I do,

but to simply accept.

Forgive is to forget,

the weekend of september 15th two thousand and twelve.


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