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Have you ever been in a situation where someone said something to you, and instead of responding, you stayed quiet and smiled? I use to be one of those people that would smile and nod my head when someone said something intimidating to me and I had no response. It’s crazy how this world works. I am going to share my experience and you can either accept it or not, but let’s see if we can get a good discussion out of it.

As a young adult, I was considered soft spoken and noble. I would not dare respond to anyone especially a possible threat to me. I would simply accept the fault, either mine or the complainant and accept it and move on. However, as I grew up, I realized that more and more problems occur to me when I respond to them in this matter. So after a few life lessons, I decided to respond and demand things that are within my rights. Life seems to be more in tune with the way I operate when I respond to them accordingly. I realized that people cannot guess how I feel and what I want if I don’t ask for it.

What I suggest for everyone.

Since people cannot read minds and most people do not have emotional knowledge (people that can look for signs of how a person is doing emotionally and anticipate what they mind need) then what’s left is to simply speak up. If you are feeling annoyed about a specific thing at work, speak up. Simply call a meeting with your immediate supervisor and express your concerns. The more you let others know how you feel, the smoother your life will be. The less anger will build and less stress you would deal with. It does not matter the type of person you are. The less people speak, the more others take advantage of.

What I have noticed…

There was a time where two brothers lived together in a family of four. One of the brothers was demanding, even as a child. He would want everything when he went shopping with his mother and refuse to understand financial situations and how things work. The other brother was softer spoken. Thought four times before he asked for anything and refused to be a bother to anyone. Guess who had a more happy childhood. The demanding child got whatever he wanted and was happier than the other one. What they say is very true. Ignorance is really bliss. He never understood or simply didn’t care.

Refuse to understand and take what you need. We are all still animals with a mask we choose to wear. Some refuse to wear it and show their animal side. Others choose to hold higher values and standards. The one that uses the animal side and demands their rights wins in the end.


What would you say the point of a public school education? What type of education is needed for our society to be competitive with our European and Asian brothers and sisters, and yet go beyond the basics? It’s strange that we have the level of education for 1st through 12th in this country.

Let me start off by explaining 1st to 6th grade for you. We did absolutely nothing. We drew and colored and created maps for history class. We did basic plus/minus and slowly got into multiplication and division. The education was so basic that I was getting straight A’s on all my classes and was not even giving it my best. What does this mean when an 11 year old boy can skate passed school easily with no problem? What my point is that we need a more challenging schools for children that are worthy of something more. I understand we have kids that have problems paying attention and passing the basics. I understand that most tests are dumb down for children that have disabilities and other problems that prohibit them from achieve all that they are intended to be. However, I needed more and was not given the opportunity to achieve all that I was intended to be. I am just one example of a kid that wanted to do more.

There is hope if our school system cares to make any changes to their system. We are a society of never ending development and advance restructuring.  My first plan would be implementing Google chromo operating system in every classroom. Its amazing how such a small operating system can provide such benefits, at limited to no cost. The operating system comes with a warranty plan of 35$ for each laptop and that includes any replacement of parts, labor, and software issues that might arise. Every kid must have basic computer training to survive in today’s society. Everything works off the internet and the internet itself is a great resource to expand your knowledge and gain the upper hand. Here in the United States, we have advance networking capabilities that can allow each student to learn from .EDU sites across the internet. Furthermore, Kids should be in classrooms that are somewhat in the same level not age. Age has nothing to do with the level of education you are ready and prepared for. If a 2nd grader has enough knowledge and is willing and able to handle 6th grader education, then he or she should be placed in the same grade. Finally, we need teachers that are excited to be there and ready to teach. Inspiration starts from the teachers, and without them our children are lost. If a teacher Is worried about paying for his or her bills, then that will reflect on how he teaches the class. However, if the teachers are always busy with innovative seminars and programs to keep their education flowing, the motivation will trickle down to the students.

It’s just an observation. I remember my teacher in college complaining about parking, traffic, and the fact that the school had forgotten to pay him. He was upset and instead of teaching he was venting. I had to pay for the class and hear him vent for half the semester.

Lack of Education =  no innovation =  no business = no jobs =  no money


Let’s consider the basics of life when we analyze life in the Los Angeles area. It’s very strange how the government thinks an average family of 4 that makes more than thirty thousand dollars is in a category that they should not be able to participate in federal funded programs that help low income families survive. Let’s start by analyzing how an average family can survive and the quality of life they are presumed to have with that income.

To understand the epidemic we are faced each day at the labor market (Job market) we must understand the cost of living vs the average hourly rate of any employee. After being unemployed for little over a year I searched for jobs and paid close attention to what they were willing to pay for the job that needed to be done. What I discovered was that average paying job,  was ten dollars a hour. Lets multiply that by 160 hours a month, and we have a monthly rate of 1600$. Sure that must feel a lot to someone living in a Africa, or some third world country, but here in the states that’s like absolutely nothing to survive with. Considering the average commute would cost a person only in gas approximately 200$ a month depending on what you are driving, that leaves you with less than 1400$ to live. Let’s assume you live in a very unsafe area, your average rate for rent would be 800$. Now add a few utilities like electricity, water, gas, and maybe a telephone and you are looking at a total of 300$. That leaves you with less than 300$ for food, clothing, the little things that make life interesting.

The point of this article is to raise awareness of the fact that most people in America live very close to these standards. Always no money, angry, frustrated, and if they are have kids, very tired. It really is not fair that we have charities for people outside of the United States, when the money they raise for charities can be used to create new jobs, help boost pay. I know we recently got a increase in the minimum wage, but that does no justice for the dramatic increase in inflation. Milk went from 2$ to 5$ in 2 years. We should be focusing on how to help society grow and develop in the United States and once we are secure, happy, healthy, and well taken care of, only then we should worry about countries like Libya, Iran, and the middle east.

I read somewhere a quote that keeps coming to me.

Help yourself, so when the time comes and you can help other, you are able to..  –  unknown.


Have you read an article online and was simply baffled by your experienced. If you are anything like me, I am sure you experienced this. For me, it usually occurs on Of the many email address I have created throughout the years, my oldest and most used email tends to be on yahoo. I like yahoo’s system and it works well with me. However, I hate the fact that I spend ample hours of my day reading mind blasting article titles to only find something absolutely useless in the body irritates me.  (I was exaggerating on the mind blasting part..)

Seriously people, how can someone write an article about what your boyfriend is thinking; only to open it and it’s like nothing useful in it. How can this possibly be that most of Yahoos articles consist of a very edgy title, and fluff throughout the article? I read so many of these edgy, controversial articles that I am an expert on losing weight, finding the perfect job, and choosing the best college for the highest paid jobs.

This has to stop especially for people like me. I read an exciting article and click to read more. However, I waste time and time again on articles that reveal absolutely nothing. A good example of such an article is I find it useless. It has a great title, a awesome attractive picture, but the content is whatever at best. I suggest yahoo to hire the top 20 bloggers on word press and let them write for a change. Good content go unseen and garbage is seen by the whole world. (or at least the 11% that go on yahoo)

I’m sorry but I felt the need to vent. Excuse the irony of wasting your time with another pointless article.


Have you ever wondered how your life might be if you had two opinions of everything? It is a pretty strange question when you look at it carefully. If you have not noticed, I am talking about people with multiple personalities. When I was younger I thought it was strange when I watched a movie of a man in the mental asylum where he heard voices and spoke to himself. It baffled me how people like this existed in society. I was by far too young to understand mental diseases and to comprehend the fact that people’s mind can get sick.

As a grown, respected part of society, I realized that this is more common among adults that work in a highly stressful job site. Consider this; most people do not know that they can do pretty much anything they want in this life. There is not a thing in this world that should stop you from achieving your goals and becoming the person you are meant to be. I found this to be true, and realized it’s all in your head. When a person decides that it’s not going to work out for him or limits himself in his or her head, then that’s all they will ever amount too. It’s strange how our brains and fantasies can control outcomes and how successful we can become.

Let get back on track and discuss why two opinions are better than one. You always have someone to keep you company and provide both positive and negative feedback. In addition to feedback, it can provide support to anything you may want to do. Consider yourself going to an important meeting and you want to discuss a possible scenario. What do you do? Talking to yourself can give you that leverage you need and the preparation you should have when going into an important meeting. It’s just another way to prepare yourself and give you the confidence you need to get the job done.

Apple couldn’t just let go of the one area that android had set for itself. Yes I mean the smaller version of the tablet world. October 23, 2012 Apple launches its own version of the smaller tablet to combat Android based Nexus 7 and Amazon kindle fire HD. To compare these 3 tablets is like comparing one piece of your hair to another. Not much real difference in performance and quality. However, I will attempt to microscope these three for a comparison.

Let’s first start off by comparing pricing. The base models for the Nexus 7 and Kindle fire is at a price tag of 199$. That is an excellent price for what you are getting. The Nexus 7 has a sturdier and better quality built with its 7 inches. However, the kindle fire has the backing of the monstrous amazon at its tail. Finally we have the newly announced Ipad mini. As I did not have a chance to get a hold of the Ipad mini, (no one really did) it’s hard to compare the quality of the built. Assuming that its anything like its older brother, it should be soundly built. What concerns me is why should I pay 130$ more for roughly the same specs.

Considering that Nexus 7 has a faster processor, higher resolution screen, and lower price tag, why should I venture off and get me and Ipad mini. Is it because it’s on Apple’s ecosystem full of apps? I used both Ipad and Android and I do not see the difference in applications. Android has just as many apps as Apple does, Apple might have more but non useful apps. Is it because it has a 5 megapixel camera on it and the Nexus 7 does not? It’s a possibility if you plan on using your tablets to take high quality pictures. As for room for expansion, sure the Ipad mini might have room to expand, but it does not come with fully backed Google applications, including the Google drive. Furthermore, approximately the same battery life as the nexus and no NFC how can anyone really goes with the Ipad? I believe the obvious winner is the Nexus 7 for both specs and price. Simply makes sense.

Lately i been doing some thinking regarding how life really works. I tend to get this way when i am entering  a new chapter in my life. The topic of discussion is how time works and how valuable it is for our society and specifically me.

What is time? Time is a man made invention to keep track of our lives on earth. Its strange how we created such a thing to keep track of the minutes and hours of the day, but so many of us, including myself spend majority of it wasted. I picture the amount of time that i spend on the computer simply browsing the web. How about the hours spend on online gaming. How come I dont put my time to good use and do something productive? Is it strange that majority of the people i know if they are not working, they are wasting away their time doing mindless things? Am i the only one concerned about this. I feel like its only in America that we spend our time so foolishly. I heard stories of the Asian culture putting more time and energy in studying important stuff that will one day help us reach unbelievable heights. Us on the other hand, fail to even graduated our pathetic public school system. How sad is that really..

There is a solution my friends. It takes 1 simple class with a devoted teacher to express how important time really is. I believe the first 12 years of schooling for most Americans should be about the essence of life with the basics of English and mathematics. What our public school system has failed is to motivate its crew (students) to reach out and think outside the box. Develop something new or even venture off into the distance for new discoveries and more.

How can you motivate our youth to use their time wisely for something much more important than TV or Internet? I believe to teach our youth the value of time and how short we have to create something important or simply make a difference in our world can dramatically help with the motivation to do more. Our ancestors knew the value of time, because they were the ones who created it. Now that we have time, and plenty of it, we choose to waste it away. I am here to tell you to use it for good, and use it to help people discover new things and learn something new.

Average time spent on earth is roughly 73 years old depending on who you ask in the United States. With that said, we are increasing our life expectancy every year. What for? Most inventors and astrologist have done and discovered far more within their 40-50 year life cycle than we have in our 75 year. Every new generation our productivity drops lower and lower. Our attention span follows at a striking rate.


Make use of your time!