Posted: October 10, 2012 in cookies
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When money starts to fall,

like the greatest season of them all.

Working hard from the ashes of them all,

with disguises of different faces when they call.


What we do is not something great,

its simply to pay the bills and skate,

until we discover the true calling of tomorrow,

we strive for remodeling when we holler.
Customers tend to realize,

when we call and call and compromise,

the true nature of our intention and our goodbyes,

the simple calls we place almost every night.


To give in is to accept,

the true nature of our ideology we kept,

Try and try and you shall succeed,

if it all fails, we shall one day see.


Stop bothering us telemarketers because one day you will be home and awaken with a phone call that you did not want or need.


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