How to save our economy? one easy step…

Posted: October 17, 2012 in cookies
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I have devised a plan to successfully get our economy back on track with a single plan. Many would wonder what a twenty five year old ex-entrepreneur/blogger can do to save our economy. Well as a business major, I established myself as a business owner back in 2008 and survived for a year before the economy forced me to go bankrupt. I realized from my personal experience that the only way to increase the likely hood for a business to succeed is to reduce the huge overhead costs.

My plan for the future president…

Dear Mr. President,

I know you have been given an almost impossible task of getting Americans just like me back to work. Since 2008, we been struggling and our current president did improve our standings since he was first introduced to office. I believe he has done a decent job, but things could have gone much better. I have devised a plan to help bring back small business to our country.  Here it goes..

The most important way to reduce costs for a business is the property lease they sign up for. If there was a program designed for the government to offer some sort of tax relieve for commercial property owners to reduce their pricing up to 30%, that would dramatically help boost our economy. The city that I am living in currently, Los Angeles County is full of vacant properties that do not offer anything but a ghost town feel. If the new president can implement a discount for property owners that reduce the lease pricing on their properties up to 30% will surely get more entrepreneurs to act on their business ideas. Who knows, we can even start producing and bring back assembly jobs again. This simply change, which will cost the government a measly few billion dollars can help get businesses to start again and the taxes that will be created from new business can help pay for half its costs.

Details of the program

Commercial lease agreement 2000$ a month government assistance of 600$ (30% of the lease) can be used for marketing and help boost income for the business.

Commercial lease agreements that go beyond 3000$ a month should not be included in the program because location is most likely ideal and it will have some effect on competition and create an unfair advantage for some.

Sort of like section 8 program for the business world.

If our president was serious about our job growth and prospers life, this would be the ideal program to invest our hard earned tax dollars. The benefits of this program would directly help start more businesses and the available funding that are exists now can get the ball rolling again.


Repost this, and hopefully the program can reach someone with authority and (balls) to get this program started.


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