The battle between Apple and Google continues…

Posted: October 23, 2012 in cookies
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Apple couldn’t just let go of the one area that android had set for itself. Yes I mean the smaller version of the tablet world. October 23, 2012 Apple launches its own version of the smaller tablet to combat Android based Nexus 7 and Amazon kindle fire HD. To compare these 3 tablets is like comparing one piece of your hair to another. Not much real difference in performance and quality. However, I will attempt to microscope these three for a comparison.

Let’s first start off by comparing pricing. The base models for the Nexus 7 and Kindle fire is at a price tag of 199$. That is an excellent price for what you are getting. The Nexus 7 has a sturdier and better quality built with its 7 inches. However, the kindle fire has the backing of the monstrous amazon at its tail. Finally we have the newly announced Ipad mini. As I did not have a chance to get a hold of the Ipad mini, (no one really did) it’s hard to compare the quality of the built. Assuming that its anything like its older brother, it should be soundly built. What concerns me is why should I pay 130$ more for roughly the same specs.

Considering that Nexus 7 has a faster processor, higher resolution screen, and lower price tag, why should I venture off and get me and Ipad mini. Is it because it’s on Apple’s ecosystem full of apps? I used both Ipad and Android and I do not see the difference in applications. Android has just as many apps as Apple does, Apple might have more but non useful apps. Is it because it has a 5 megapixel camera on it and the Nexus 7 does not? It’s a possibility if you plan on using your tablets to take high quality pictures. As for room for expansion, sure the Ipad mini might have room to expand, but it does not come with fully backed Google applications, including the Google drive. Furthermore, approximately the same battery life as the nexus and no NFC how can anyone really goes with the Ipad? I believe the obvious winner is the Nexus 7 for both specs and price. Simply makes sense.


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