Articles that grab your attention but tell you nothing…

Posted: October 24, 2012 in cookies
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Have you read an article online and was simply baffled by your experienced. If you are anything like me, I am sure you experienced this. For me, it usually occurs on Of the many email address I have created throughout the years, my oldest and most used email tends to be on yahoo. I like yahoo’s system and it works well with me. However, I hate the fact that I spend ample hours of my day reading mind blasting article titles to only find something absolutely useless in the body irritates me.  (I was exaggerating on the mind blasting part..)

Seriously people, how can someone write an article about what your boyfriend is thinking; only to open it and it’s like nothing useful in it. How can this possibly be that most of Yahoos articles consist of a very edgy title, and fluff throughout the article? I read so many of these edgy, controversial articles that I am an expert on losing weight, finding the perfect job, and choosing the best college for the highest paid jobs.

This has to stop especially for people like me. I read an exciting article and click to read more. However, I waste time and time again on articles that reveal absolutely nothing. A good example of such an article is I find it useless. It has a great title, a awesome attractive picture, but the content is whatever at best. I suggest yahoo to hire the top 20 bloggers on word press and let them write for a change. Good content go unseen and garbage is seen by the whole world. (or at least the 11% that go on yahoo)

I’m sorry but I felt the need to vent. Excuse the irony of wasting your time with another pointless article.

  1. shytoffee says:

    haha very true, the same thing happens on msn! A long time ago I used to find their articles almost insightful but now I’m older, it all seems to be things I already know or are just plain common sense 😛 I still find myself drawn to those titles though … when will I learn?

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