Help yourself, so when the time comes and you can help other, you are able too

Posted: October 25, 2012 in cookies
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Let’s consider the basics of life when we analyze life in the Los Angeles area. It’s very strange how the government thinks an average family of 4 that makes more than thirty thousand dollars is in a category that they should not be able to participate in federal funded programs that help low income families survive. Let’s start by analyzing how an average family can survive and the quality of life they are presumed to have with that income.

To understand the epidemic we are faced each day at the labor market (Job market) we must understand the cost of living vs the average hourly rate of any employee. After being unemployed for little over a year I searched for jobs and paid close attention to what they were willing to pay for the job that needed to be done. What I discovered was that average paying job,  was ten dollars a hour. Lets multiply that by 160 hours a month, and we have a monthly rate of 1600$. Sure that must feel a lot to someone living in a Africa, or some third world country, but here in the states that’s like absolutely nothing to survive with. Considering the average commute would cost a person only in gas approximately 200$ a month depending on what you are driving, that leaves you with less than 1400$ to live. Let’s assume you live in a very unsafe area, your average rate for rent would be 800$. Now add a few utilities like electricity, water, gas, and maybe a telephone and you are looking at a total of 300$. That leaves you with less than 300$ for food, clothing, the little things that make life interesting.

The point of this article is to raise awareness of the fact that most people in America live very close to these standards. Always no money, angry, frustrated, and if they are have kids, very tired. It really is not fair that we have charities for people outside of the United States, when the money they raise for charities can be used to create new jobs, help boost pay. I know we recently got a increase in the minimum wage, but that does no justice for the dramatic increase in inflation. Milk went from 2$ to 5$ in 2 years. We should be focusing on how to help society grow and develop in the United States and once we are secure, happy, healthy, and well taken care of, only then we should worry about countries like Libya, Iran, and the middle east.

I read somewhere a quote that keeps coming to me.

Help yourself, so when the time comes and you can help other, you are able to..  –  unknown.


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