The benefits of Alexander Hamilton in our financial system

Posted: November 1, 2012 in cookies
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Some of you would wonder what Alexander Hamilton has to do with our financial system. It’s amazing how many people do not know that Alexander Hamilton first, was on a piece of valuable currency, and the fact that he was not a president?

To be completely honest, I did not know this fact either. But what stands out is what can a 10$ bill truly do for you in the long run. I been trying to develop a system to help struggling families get themselves out of debt and ensure a steady stream of cash is available at the end of the month. 1 out of 2 people are simply unaware of how they spend their paycheck every month. That is a significant amount if you consider the debt that most people are in. Why do people fail to notice their financial situation until things get to the brink of bankruptcy?

My background in financing came from formal education, but have been developing and implementing financial strategies to help business and individuals get out of debt and into a positive cash flow. I am the person that eliminates the unnecessary and create new sources of income through varies programs.

Let’s get back to topic with Mr. Alexander Hamilton. His face on the 10$ bill should be embraced and shared amongst all who value economic prosperity. Here is what I suggest. Assuming you have a good size check coming in every month, setup a plan with your bank. Create an automated balance transfer of 10$ a day to your savings account. For a reasonable size check, 10$ a day should not be a big deal. Consider dinning home for the day and saving that 10$. If you have a sweetheart, consider you are saving 20$ a day if you choose to eat home for only one meal. The money you save is approximately 300$ a month. End of the year, we have 3,600$ to work with. That’s a hefty amount of change considering what 3600$ can do for you today. Most people would use that amount on a good vacation for two somewhere tropical. However, my suggestion would be to invest with a good agency that knows how the stock market works. Investment companies are great resources to use when you have a good amount to work with. Last year, I turned 2000$ dollar investment from a friend, and make him a solid return of 1500$. That is whopping 75% Return on investment and I took a reasonable cut out of it. But imagine that. With banks offering CD’s at 0.05% annually, 75% is amazing return for having someone else run your money.

So consider the benefits of Mr. Alexander Hamilton. Ten dollars a day can give you and your loved ones first class tickets for 5 days to carnival cruise approximately 3 times a year. How amazing is that. Or if you have huge debt, you can use parts of this to clear it out. Student loans, personal loans, or home improvement loans can be an issue if you don’t have funds. Here, would be a good fund to use to help reduce your loan and reduce the stress that comes with it.


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