Losing your hair and what you should know…

Posted: November 6, 2012 in cookies

Have you ever wondered why we have hair to begin with? I understand that women would look pretty funny without hair on their head, but for men seems to be a norm. To understand this epidemic , you must go back to the olden days where people like our founding fathers wore wigs to cover up their loss of hair. I mean consider this, were we even meant to keep all our hair or was it simply given to us on temporary bases?

Since we are not promised anything at birth, (unless you are born into rich family) we should not really expect to have our hair passed a certain age. It is amazing how many people view age and life and deteriation in a negative manor. How can you expect something, without having a contractor in writing and someone to uphold the contract? Hair is simply one of those things that can come and go during your lifetime. I use to envy anyone with good hair that can style it in any way they choose. I simply lost a good chunk of my hair, and unable to use the amount that’s still available. I use to worry and care, and then I simply realized that I look awesome bald. As for events and special occasions, it’s a less threatening way to approach everyone if you have some hair, but other than that its reasonable.

My understanding about hair is, the more you go through in life the less likely you will have much hair on your head. It’s strange that the people that have a full head of hair seem to live the good life. I know many people that are relaxed and simply don’t care about much in life. They are rocking the new hair dues every month and looking super fresh. On the other side, the people that seem to stress about different aspect of life are struggling with hair. The correlation seems to be present. I learned to accept it, and I recommend everyone else to accept it. It’s not the end of the world if you do not look like the next GQ model. Its really fine, because everyone is unique in their own way.


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