Working for a company that hires and fires almost instantly, I have realized how valuable certain positions are. The Job chain (Food chain) which goes from management all the way down to the telemarketers that try to drive business is what I am referring to when I consider the valuableness of your present employment.

What to consider when you have a position?

Consider this for a second, recently our company posted a position for a Office Administrator/receptionist and got over 75 resumes for the position. This is California by the way if anyone is not familiar with this blog. Consider this, 75 resume requests for a 12 dollars and hour position is absolutely ridiculous considering that the gas alone reduces it down to 10$ a hour. And to consider the unfortunate taxation we are faced. At the end of the day, you make a measly 9$ a hour roughly and you get the unsecure feeling every time you leave your job.

Why do you get the unsecure feeling?

Well with 75 resumes coming in from just 1 inquire, consider how easily replaceable you are to the firm. An employee is only valuable to the level of work that he/she is doing. Considering that pretty much anyone with half a brain can pick up the phone and transfer the line. Other job responsibilities? Smiling from time to time at guests that enter the office. Since construction companies do not get many walk in’s from customers, only hardworking contractors, its easy to simply put a smile and avoid the confrontation.

Some Advice

Business degrees are not worth anything. After a four years of studying business and figuring out what its all about, you discover its all a scam. There is no value in the degree. With a business degree, you get to write professional emails, and respond accordingly to customers. What kind of value is that? You can train a handicap chimp to do the same thing. There is no value in a broad based degree. Find a niche and strive to stand out and show the value of yourself. The only reason why I am able to blog and work at the same time is because of the value I bring to my firm. Create value or shiver in your seat for the day they find a younger, smarter, chimp.


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