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Why has computers,

and cellphones,

and mobile devices,

becoming such a hit?

Is it the struggle,

to be socially connected,

to be part of a solution,

rather then socially evicted?

To simply share,

a crazy wonder.

To express ones feelings,

of dirt and awkward somber”s

Lets develop a method,

a revolutionary connection,

ways that people,

have never thought out for.

Something more then just words,

a real sense of completion,

inner most feelings,

of beauty and acceptance.

Disconnect from your Phones and connect with people you love!


To study ones mind,

so crazy so kind,

to establish ones self,

so confusing so blind.

Thoughts are sporadic,

confused and forgotten,

depending on ones,

inner thoughts.

ideas are magic,

expressed for pure logic.

Colored and fought after.

To imagine a idea,

a simple invention.

To create a city,

of endless porportions.

What needs to occur,

for us to continue to work,

ideas ideas,

what drives us to work.


I would like to start off by addressing the simple fact that addictions are becoming more and more powerful each day.

Addiction can be positive or negative depending on the type of addiction one has. I would like to focus on negative addictions because they are more common in societies across the United States.

What is addiction? Addiction is simply an uncontrollable attractions to anything that has a profound effect on your life.

Addictions in most cases have a negative effect on the individual. Lets take video games for example. Kids that spend hour after hour in front of the television, thats what I am refering to as addiction. He rather play games then go outside and play with others. This in turn, will have significant problematic affects to his life as an adult.

Lets focus on another type of addiction, drugs. Drugs and alcohol are substances that already have addictive personalities of their own. This combined with an addictive personality, results in disasters among everyone in its path. I have seen families destroyed and children neglected because of addictions.

In order for someone to control addictions, one must address the fact that they have an addictive personality. The push and pull effect of drugs is stronger then the norm (whatever the normal is). After that, their are many facilities and clinics in the States that help deal with these issues.

To be addicted is not living, because you are not free to live your life the way you were intended to live.



The first moment of life,

Either happy nor sad,

Can set the mood,

For what can comes next.

For me it was love,

The scary first step,

The moment of butterflies,

The moment my heart was felt.

And every year after,

We celebrate it with care.

its because its true love,

we feel it so deep.

life without love,

Is no life at all.

You must feel it,

To live it,

With this I am sure.

So celebrate love like its the most important thing in your life,

Because if you lose it you will feel it,

The emptiness of happiness,

The sadness of the heart.

Beautiful places

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Poems
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Beautiful places

What if there was a place,

a mysterious place,

In a distance,

not far away.

A magical place,

where colorful thoughts

come to play.

The place I speak of,

comes only in my thoughts.

The image of perfection

bombards me with love.

A place where I can be free,

where time doesnt exist,

when my thoughts makes sense,

and ideas come flowing.

This place is real,

it does find its way to me

from time to time,

I set myself free.

Where colors are so bright,

and music so real,

love exists here.

This fairy tale land.

Its disneyland for adults,

if that makes any sense,

its beyond magical,

flowing within.

Inspired by a fellow blogger..

Be Aware

The feeling of empty,

tends to worry me so,

the emptiness of life,

is what haunts me the most.

Children are scared,

alone and confused,

what have we done,

not even a clue.

Victims in children,

separated at birth.

Fail to reach

their full limits I am sure.

What do we get,

if only a few,

how do we live,

with ourselves as we do.

Trafficking is bad

and how little we are informed

how can we continue

in allowing this to go on.

Information is key,

in stopping this epidemic,

realization that its happening

is what I am implying.

Be aware… 

A moment

Since I first saw you,

my heart skipped a beat.

The image of beauty,

I couldn’t compete.

mesmerizer by her eyes,

I once realized,

there was no going back,

to those hideous lies.

It took me awhile,

to get her to smile.

And to love me,

the way she does.

Very soon after,

I sit about and thank her,

for being in my life and all.

She smiles back and hugs me,

after all she must like me,

for trying so hard and all.