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The morning of the darkest night,

you sit and look at me so hopeless.

The thoughts of this chapter,

still haunts me every day.


The cold eyes you stare,

why must I be this way.

Why must we live this way,

why must we accept.


The mistakes that led me here,

so desperate and alone.

Remind the ones that use to love me,

let them believe there was some good in me.


Im going to leave this pedant here,

just in case you cared to find it.

The disappointment I brought to you,

the life you could have had.


So this is it,

the chapter that we have started.

The chapter that led me to this road,

that I must answer for when im gone.


The first moment of life,

Either happy nor sad,

Can set the mood,

For what can comes next.

For me it was love,

The scary first step,

The moment of butterflies,

The moment my heart was felt.

And every year after,

We celebrate it with care.

its because its true love,

we feel it so deep.

life without love,

Is no life at all.

You must feel it,

To live it,

With this I am sure.

So celebrate love like its the most important thing in your life,

Because if you lose it you will feel it,

The emptiness of happiness,

The sadness of the heart.


Why is it so hard,

for people to connect,

why do we pretend,

we don’t really care?

With facebook,

and twitter,

and sites alike,

trying to connect,

with us in mind.

Is it the care,

or acceptance we need.

Or is it the love,

we eagerly feed.

Let me propose,

a thought or an suggestion,

you take the time and really question,

why do we do the things that we do,

why do we care if we are liked by so few?

Let us imagine,

if it is a human ambition,

to address a life complication.

if we weren’t allowed

to seek our recognition.

Recognition for us,

is a simple replay from a friend.

On the dumbest posts,

we tend to send.