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The morning of the darkest night,

you sit and look at me so hopeless.

The thoughts of this chapter,

still haunts me every day.


The cold eyes you stare,

why must I be this way.

Why must we live this way,

why must we accept.


The mistakes that led me here,

so desperate and alone.

Remind the ones that use to love me,

let them believe there was some good in me.


Im going to leave this pedant here,

just in case you cared to find it.

The disappointment I brought to you,

the life you could have had.


So this is it,

the chapter that we have started.

The chapter that led me to this road,

that I must answer for when im gone.


To wake early and feel the desire,

The inner glow of motivation,

So simple and untapped.


I see the distance, the world from a reserved flower,

Fear has entrapped me, tangled me, and grabbed me,

Unable to venture, unable to wonder.


The simple troubles of the near and forgotten,

The clouds of stress that follow.

Never leaving my side like a trusted companion,

Failure to break the path that has been given.


In order for me to succeed,

I must venture off and discover the real me.

To break the cycle we are once lured,

The easy life that we were thought to exist when we were a child.


Now we must dream the big dreams,

And truly believe.

Because faith in ourselves can determine,

Success or defeat.


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How do I tell you

that my heart is broken?

How do I do I show you,

the pain within?


The moment I found out,

The windows shattered,

The door swung open,

my heart started sinking.


The feeling of empty,

the feeingl of alone.


The shadows crept secretly,

distracting me and haunting me,

deepening the gape of distress.


Why cant I go back,

go back to the moment.

Where I could have said no,

I could have spoken?


Every time I see you,

The feeling follows.

Every time I sleep,

the nightmares overshadows.


The happy dreams

that I use to have

are replaced with nightmares

of you and this other guy.


What can I do,

but to simply accept.

Forgive is to forget,

the weekend of september 15th two thousand and twelve.