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What would you say the point of a public school education? What type of education is needed for our society to be competitive with our European and Asian brothers and sisters, and yet go beyond the basics? It’s strange that we have the level of education for 1st through 12th in this country.

Let me start off by explaining 1st to 6th grade for you. We did absolutely nothing. We drew and colored and created maps for history class. We did basic plus/minus and slowly got into multiplication and division. The education was so basic that I was getting straight A’s on all my classes and was not even giving it my best. What does this mean when an 11 year old boy can skate passed school easily with no problem? What my point is that we need a more challenging schools for children that are worthy of something more. I understand we have kids that have problems paying attention and passing the basics. I understand that most tests are dumb down for children that have disabilities and other problems that prohibit them from achieve all that they are intended to be. However, I needed more and was not given the opportunity to achieve all that I was intended to be. I am just one example of a kid that wanted to do more.

There is hope if our school system cares to make any changes to their system. We are a society of never ending development and advance restructuring.  My first plan would be implementing Google chromo operating system in every classroom. Its amazing how such a small operating system can provide such benefits, at limited to no cost. The operating system comes with a warranty plan of 35$ for each laptop and that includes any replacement of parts, labor, and software issues that might arise. Every kid must have basic computer training to survive in today’s society. Everything works off the internet and the internet itself is a great resource to expand your knowledge and gain the upper hand. Here in the United States, we have advance networking capabilities that can allow each student to learn from .EDU sites across the internet. Furthermore, Kids should be in classrooms that are somewhat in the same level not age. Age has nothing to do with the level of education you are ready and prepared for. If a 2nd grader has enough knowledge and is willing and able to handle 6th grader education, then he or she should be placed in the same grade. Finally, we need teachers that are excited to be there and ready to teach. Inspiration starts from the teachers, and without them our children are lost. If a teacher Is worried about paying for his or her bills, then that will reflect on how he teaches the class. However, if the teachers are always busy with innovative seminars and programs to keep their education flowing, the motivation will trickle down to the students.

It’s just an observation. I remember my teacher in college complaining about parking, traffic, and the fact that the school had forgotten to pay him. He was upset and instead of teaching he was venting. I had to pay for the class and hear him vent for half the semester.

Lack of Education =  no innovation =  no business = no jobs =  no money


To know where you came from,

will determine how far you get in life.

Since I started off in the gutters,

I was promised struggle and fear.


As a child of nearly seven,

learning to survive is to save,

because without education you are nothing,

and without money you cannot escape.


Many nights of confusion,

led me to believe,

life as I knew it had to change,

before we sunk deeper into this mess.


I grew up wondering,

what path I was destine to take.

Society didn’t make it easy,

lost opportunities denied,

denied at birth.


One day I discovered this opportunity,

to leave this place I once knew as home.

I studied real hard to pass the test,

with the idea of me leaving this place.


With my luck I passed,

was given the opportunity to leave this place,

to study aboard and succeed,

I was choosen out hundreds.


Since destine is established at birth,

there is nothing you can really do.

I was told I was too young,

and we could not afford to commute.


After the heart has been broken,

its difficult to piece it back together.

The beginning of the end was written,

predetermined, and pre decided.



There was a time where I felt,

so alone and so scared.

There was a time in my life,

when it just didnt make sense.


To imagine your friends party,

with laughter and joy.

Only for you to think fear,

panic, and betrayal.


Why do I fear the outside,

so empty and alone.

Why does bad thoughts,

cloud my judgment and more.


I remember a time,

where I felt so free and happy.

No sense of anxiety and stress,

not even a little worry.


How can I regain,

the simply joys in my life.

To avoid the distractions,

and free my mind.


Why has computers,

and cellphones,

and mobile devices,

becoming such a hit?

Is it the struggle,

to be socially connected,

to be part of a solution,

rather then socially evicted?

To simply share,

a crazy wonder.

To express ones feelings,

of dirt and awkward somber”s

Lets develop a method,

a revolutionary connection,

ways that people,

have never thought out for.

Something more then just words,

a real sense of completion,

inner most feelings,

of beauty and acceptance.

Disconnect from your Phones and connect with people you love!

To study ones mind,

so crazy so kind,

to establish ones self,

so confusing so blind.

Thoughts are sporadic,

confused and forgotten,

depending on ones,

inner thoughts.

ideas are magic,

expressed for pure logic.

Colored and fought after.

To imagine a idea,

a simple invention.

To create a city,

of endless porportions.

What needs to occur,

for us to continue to work,

ideas ideas,

what drives us to work.


A letter

In a land so distant and so broken,

there was a man afraid to stand.

The fear of the unknown,

haunted him so.

so frail he was.

Oh how I know..

Oh how I know…

The stones of the passed,

elaborate the mind,

sing to the stars,

and open ones heart.

The struggle for survive,

the fear of the unknown.

Oh how I know

Oh how I know..

He wakes too early,

and simply wonders.

How much longer…

Oh how much longer.

A simple letter of truth,

flew in his direction.

From the east to the west,

it came flying straight at him.

The man opened with hope,

soon after followed with tears.

The failure that surrounded him,

so empty he was destined.

Oh how I know..

Oh how I know.. 


Creativity is an art,

colors are simply beautiful,

How can we live life,