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The morning of the darkest night,

you sit and look at me so hopeless.

The thoughts of this chapter,

still haunts me every day.


The cold eyes you stare,

why must I be this way.

Why must we live this way,

why must we accept.


The mistakes that led me here,

so desperate and alone.

Remind the ones that use to love me,

let them believe there was some good in me.


Im going to leave this pedant here,

just in case you cared to find it.

The disappointment I brought to you,

the life you could have had.


So this is it,

the chapter that we have started.

The chapter that led me to this road,

that I must answer for when im gone.


Lately i been doing some thinking regarding how life really works. I tend to get this way when i am entering  a new chapter in my life. The topic of discussion is how time works and how valuable it is for our society and specifically me.

What is time? Time is a man made invention to keep track of our lives on earth. Its strange how we created such a thing to keep track of the minutes and hours of the day, but so many of us, including myself spend majority of it wasted. I picture the amount of time that i spend on the computer simply browsing the web. How about the hours spend on online gaming. How come I dont put my time to good use and do something productive? Is it strange that majority of the people i know if they are not working, they are wasting away their time doing mindless things? Am i the only one concerned about this. I feel like its only in America that we spend our time so foolishly. I heard stories of the Asian culture putting more time and energy in studying important stuff that will one day help us reach unbelievable heights. Us on the other hand, fail to even graduated our pathetic public school system. How sad is that really..

There is a solution my friends. It takes 1 simple class with a devoted teacher to express how important time really is. I believe the first 12 years of schooling for most Americans should be about the essence of life with the basics of English and mathematics. What our public school system has failed is to motivate its crew (students) to reach out and think outside the box. Develop something new or even venture off into the distance for new discoveries and more.

How can you motivate our youth to use their time wisely for something much more important than TV or Internet? I believe to teach our youth the value of time and how short we have to create something important or simply make a difference in our world can dramatically help with the motivation to do more. Our ancestors knew the value of time, because they were the ones who created it. Now that we have time, and plenty of it, we choose to waste it away. I am here to tell you to use it for good, and use it to help people discover new things and learn something new.

Average time spent on earth is roughly 73 years old depending on who you ask in the United States. With that said, we are increasing our life expectancy every year. What for? Most inventors and astrologist have done and discovered far more within their 40-50 year life cycle than we have in our 75 year. Every new generation our productivity drops lower and lower. Our attention span follows at a striking rate.


Make use of your time!

The road that takes us,

To the ends of the earth.

The road that follows,

So mystically close.


We follow each other,

Like the sheep’s we are intended to be.

The endless road of misery,

We yearn to keep.


To seek out new things,

Your friends might laugh.

To wonder where life,

May venture us thus far


The light at the end,

The end that may follow.

To seek out the justice,

And carry the fallen.


Why has computers,

and cellphones,

and mobile devices,

becoming such a hit?

Is it the struggle,

to be socially connected,

to be part of a solution,

rather then socially evicted?

To simply share,

a crazy wonder.

To express ones feelings,

of dirt and awkward somber”s

Lets develop a method,

a revolutionary connection,

ways that people,

have never thought out for.

Something more then just words,

a real sense of completion,

inner most feelings,

of beauty and acceptance.

Disconnect from your Phones and connect with people you love!

I would like to start off by addressing the simple fact that addictions are becoming more and more powerful each day.

Addiction can be positive or negative depending on the type of addiction one has. I would like to focus on negative addictions because they are more common in societies across the United States.

What is addiction? Addiction is simply an uncontrollable attractions to anything that has a profound effect on your life.

Addictions in most cases have a negative effect on the individual. Lets take video games for example. Kids that spend hour after hour in front of the television, thats what I am refering to as addiction. He rather play games then go outside and play with others. This in turn, will have significant problematic affects to his life as an adult.

Lets focus on another type of addiction, drugs. Drugs and alcohol are substances that already have addictive personalities of their own. This combined with an addictive personality, results in disasters among everyone in its path. I have seen families destroyed and children neglected because of addictions.

In order for someone to control addictions, one must address the fact that they have an addictive personality. The push and pull effect of drugs is stronger then the norm (whatever the normal is). After that, their are many facilities and clinics in the States that help deal with these issues.

To be addicted is not living, because you are not free to live your life the way you were intended to live.



Days go by,

And nothing gets better.

The struggles of tommorow,

Brings emptiness today.

The path chosen,

brings sorrow to oneself.

Nothingness sourrands us,

Nothingness grows.

The road use to be so clear,

It lead to places.


The road not taken,

Seems to be the road to take.

The moment of truth has come,

And the time to shine is now.

Yet  no ones eager to move,

Where would they even go?

Financial depression cripples our youth,

The opportunities of the past,

Don’t exist for us now.